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Identity - March 6, 2022


The Zeindy Jewelry app, developed using React Native, is a sophisticated and user-friendly mobile application available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. This elegant app caters to jewelry enthusiasts, providing them with a seamless shopping experience and a range of features to enhance their journey.


  • Push Notifications (OneSignal): Zeindy Jewelry app leverages the power of push notifications to keep users informed about new arrivals, exclusive offers, and order updates. With OneSignal integration, users receive timely alerts and stay engaged with the latest updates from the app.
  • Sign in With Apple, Facebook, Google, SMS: To streamline the login process, Zeindy Jewelry app offers multiple sign-in options. Users can choose to sign in using their Apple, Facebook, Google, or SMS credentials, ensuring convenience and flexibility.
  • Rate App: The app incorporates a rating feature that allows users to provide feedback and rate their experience. This functionality enables users to share their thoughts, contributing to the continuous improvement of the app and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Share Product Links: Zeindy Jewelry app enables users to easily share product links with their friends and family. This feature encourages users to spread the word about their favorite jewelry pieces, increasing brand visibility and driving potential sales.
  • Dynamic Linkings: The app incorporates dynamic linkings, allowing users to navigate directly to specific product pages or promotional offers. This feature enhances user convenience and facilitates a seamless browsing experience within the app.
  • Dark Mode: Zeindy Jewelry app embraces the growing trend of dark mode, offering users the option to switch to a visually appealing dark theme. This feature enhances user comfort, reduces eye strain, and provides a modern and stylish interface.
  • Add to Cart: Users can add their desired jewelry items to their cart, creating a personalized shopping experience. This feature simplifies the purchase process and allows users to save items for later consideration.
  • Add to Favorites: Zeindy Jewelry app enables users to create a list of their favorite jewelry pieces. This functionality provides a convenient way for users to save and revisit their preferred items, making it easier to make purchasing decisions.
  • Dynamic Layouts: The app offers dynamic layouts, ensuring an engaging and visually appealing user experience. The layout adjusts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, delivering a consistent and immersive browsing experience.
  • Zeindy Jewelry app showcases our commitment to creating elegant and feature-rich applications that cater to specific industries and target audiences. With its seamless functionality, convenient sign-in options, and a range of engaging features, the app redefines the jewelry shopping experience.

    At Silico Software Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge technologies with intuitive design. Zeindy Jewelry app represents our expertise in developing mobile applications that captivate users and drive business growth. Explore the world of exquisite jewelry with the Zeindy Jewelry app today.

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy
    UI/UX Design, Art Direction
    Coriss Ambady
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